AI Development

AI development | appqik

APPQIK transforms business processes of the organization by building AI applications with our deep analytics and AI development capabilities:-

We work with the development of all products to consult with AI products development, user training, and maintenance. Our AI development team consists of data scientists, AIOCR, designers, full-stack developers and software architects. We can apply our intelligence and experience in computer vision, DP learning, machine learning, and natural language processing "turn your AI vision into a reality.

Natural Language Processing :-

With NLP and NLU, our AI designers can assist associations with examining client criticism and assessment to improve client commitment and increment business income.

Machine Learning:-

We use machine learning to create AI solutions that will gather unstructured data and convert it into actionable insights to drive business growth.

Business Intelligence:-

Our APPQIK AI engineers make a software architect and perform strategies to execute optimization, customer analysis, forecasting, and performance analysis.

Computer Vision:-

Our AI specialists have created answers for the acknowledgment of items and characterization of pictures utilizing Amazon Rekognition and Deep Learning-based Visual Search.

Voice Assistant:-

Our AI engineers likewise fabricate voice associates utilizing NLP and voice acknowledgment that upgrade brand mindfulness and lift efficiency through voice search.

ChatBot Development:-

We engineer chatbot arrangements that demonstration like a person. Our group creates chatbots that encourage customized communication to build unwaveringness and client maintenance.