What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a process of promoting any brand, product or services by using social media platforms. The main goal of Social Media Optimization is to GET TRAFFIC on the website. If traffic increase then people will get aware by this product or service which is promoted by using Social Media Optimization.

It's not necessary that you always need a website for Social media optimization. In SMO we can promote anything without using the website to represent it. For example:- If you posted a video on your YouTube channel then you can simply share it on your Twitter and Facebook profile so that it will spread to your friends and they will know about your latest video upload.

There are many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagramand Pinterest are used by people these days. And it's SUGGESTED that you should always use SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM according to your target. In short, there are some products which will perform on specific platforms only.

How can you target specific social media platforms according to your products?

There are many social media platforms present right now. And you should use specific social media platforms according to your work. Here is some explanation for this concept:-


  • Can target the specific audience.

  • Good for generating leads.

  • Point to remember:-
  • Lots of competition

  • Twitter:-

  • Good for updating customers for the latest update of the product.

  • Can be used for providing news.

  • Point to remember:-
  • Not good for Images and Video uploads.

  • LinkedIn:-

  • Good for B2B businesses.

  • Favorable for Lead generation.

  • Can increase the trust of product/service.

  • Point to remember:-
  • People do not like too much advertisement/promotion.

  • Pinterest:-

  • Best for fashion, tour and travel

  • Used to explain products by infographics

  • Point to remember:-
  • Editing of past post is hard

These were some details about some popular social media platforms according to experts data.

How to promote your business by using Social Media Optimization?

If you want to promote your work or services by using Social Media Platforms then you have taken the right step. You can surely increase your brand value by using Social Media Platforms. But to do that you should only rely on experts in this field. We Appqik.com are working in Social Media Optimization from past many years.

By our experience, we know which social media platforms can HELP YOUR BUSINESS. We had personally noted all the data and things which can help businesses to get that name and fame which they dreamt. At Appqik we have many certified SMO experts working in our team. And also to help our SMO experts we have in-house members like

  • Content writer

  • Infographic designer

  • Photoshop expert

  • Video editor

The team of all of these specialists of different fields help our Social Media Optimization experts to CREATE OUTSTANDING POSTS. For promoting our customers brand we use more than 23 different social media platforms.

We also use proper #hastag and @tag on social media platforms to reach more customers. While doing SMO for a product/service our experts take time and read the latest news related to that targeting country. After giving their time to this they decide what to post. By doing this the chances of ENGAGEMENT to user increases.

Still Confused?

If you still have confusion then you can contact our customer care executive and ask your queries to them. As mentioned above that we will do SMO of your project on many different platforms. And yes we will focus more on those social media platforms which can get your conversion. We ourselves generated lots of leads for many of our customers by using different Social Media Platforms till now. We can run PAID SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN easily for your product for specific platforms.

By getting to us you will not get disappointed. And yes if your main aim is to promote your brand and get leads for your business then you are surely in the right place.