What is SEO?

Search engine marketing which is generally known as SEO is a process of the ranking website on search engines. In SEO search engines like Google and Bing are targeted. By getting the good rank on search engines websites visibility increases and the chances of getting business also increases. Due to advancement in technology, most of the person now use the Internet to search for different things. And that's the point where SEO works. If you have a specific business then you can make a website and after SEO your website will be seen on KEYWORDS which can get your business.

How much time will it take to rank a website on Search Engine?

There is no guaranteed time for ranking websites as for ranking website lots of work like Backlink creation etc need to be done on the website. This backlink building takes time. So there is no guaranteed time. But our websites normally take around 2-6 months to rank on search engines. This process of SEO requires ON-PAGE and OFF-PAGE work which takes time to show its effect. So most of the specialist specify this time period to rank websites on SEARCH ENGINES.

How do we work?

Appqik.com is very reliable and trusted partners for many small and medium-size companies of Europe, Canada and USA. We are capable to rank websites easily with our own unique SEO strategy. By working from many years and handling different projects we have developed different strategies which help us to rank websites. At Appqik we focus on minor to minor factors which can affect website ranking.

If you give your website to do SEO then we will do many major and minor things on your website to outrank your competitors. By getting ranking for your website you can get an increase in your profit for sure. Things we will do:-

  • Firstly, we will check your current website design according to the latest market trends. We will do minor changes to make its appearance look better to visitors. (NOTE:- You can take Website Designing service of ours if you want to have a new website or redesign your current website.)

  • Secondly we analyse your website ON-PAGE errors and will resolve them. We will search KEYWORDS related to your website.

  • In the third step we will start building backlinks for your website.

If you look at our own website Appqik.com you can clearly see our ON PAGE SEO. We spent many hours to remove the smallest possible errors from this website like favicon images and alt text for images. By doing this we are now able to outrank our competitors on search engines.

What were our previous projects we have done in SEO?

We have done lots of different projects for many clients from past many years. Due to our strict privacy policy, we can’t share our client's websites to you. But we can mention you TYPES of websites on which we have worked and ranked them on GOOGLE.

Recently we worked on websites like Blogs, Personal websites, Packers and movers, software providers, Real Estate and E-commerce Websites. These were some types of websites on which we worked recently. We can design these websites also if you want. We can make the exact copy of your competitor's websites with some extra advantages from our side.

What are our charges?

At Appqik.com we charge very less price in comparison to others competitors of ours. The money we charge is very less in comparison to the business you can get by ranking your website on search engine. For returning customers we give discount also. For more details, you can check our pricing plans. We have different pricing plans according to customers need. To contact us you can email us at abc@abc.com or you can visit our CONTACT PAGE which has more details about us.