What is Content Management System?

CMS or Content Management System is a web-based application which helps to manage content, information or any other data of website or any other web application. In Short, CMS is the application which is used to manage content. In present many small and big businesses uses CMS for their website. By using CMS for their business they are able to do more work on their website and thus saving themselves some precious time.

    CMS can perform different functions. Some of these functions related to content and data are:-
  • Create
  • Edit
  • Publish
  • View reports
  • Check website data

How can CMS help in your business?

CMS gives you the unique power to manage your website and its content. You don't need much technical knowledge to work on a CMS. There is saying in today's Internet world that "CONTENT IS THE KING". It means if your website or App has good and relevant content that it will surely get your business. Websites which have good quality contents are said to rank easily on different SEARCH ENGINE and to do SEO of those projects is also very easy. And by having a CMS with your website you can easily manage the content of your website.

You can upload, edit and delete any content very easily. No need to learn HTML5, CSS or WordPress too for doing this stuff. The modification of the content of the website will be way more easy for you with this new technology. And as said earlier also it's very easy to do. You can have your CMS CUSTOMISED according to your needs. We can make you simplest CMS for your website if you think these things are little sophisticated. For those who have some knowledge of CMS or related software, we can make them advanced CMS with some extra features for increased productivity.

Appqik.com CMS Development services

Appqik.com has provided customized CMS for around 150+ projects. We have many clients offshore and in different continents. You can talk to us by email or by phone. Just tell us specifically what are your demands and we will make that one for you. Our services are very cost effective and we also can do some edit in your existing CMS software.

We can design CMS of basic features to high features according to customer demand. Our team have expert designers and developers who have good knowledge of CMS development.

    Our experts can easily take control of these frameworks:-
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal Website Services
  • Magenro
  • Oscommerce
  • Umbraco

How will you handle our custom made CMS?

Appqik is in CMS designing field for many years. We think about our customers comfort first. If you take CMS service from us then in starting we will discuss openly your work and your needs. Then we will show you some samples which can work for you. After selecting the most appropriate CMS structure and functions we will start building it.

After building CMS we will give you or anyone from your organisation proper training about how to use CMS. We always provide training for our CMS and will clear every doubt of yours. Even if anytime in future due to any reason you have any questions related to our CMS then you can contact us. We will resolve your problems as soon as possible. And also if you want to have something extra in your CMS or you want to upgrade your CMS after some time then we will give you a good discount on that also.